St Michael and All Angels Church, Bedford Park

St Michael & All Angels Organ and Parish Rooms Appeal

Pipe Up! Be an Angel and Sponsor a Pipe!

Pipe Up brochureYou can download the Pipe Up! brochure here.
See Organ and Parish Rooms Appeal and New Organ pages.

We are building a new organ, and adding an extra floor to the church vestry, creating two more parish meeting rooms – much needed now that our church community has grown. The exciting new project means that St Michael’s - and the local schools and musical groups that use our church - will at last have an organ worthy of its Norman Shaw surroundings.

We've made a good start in raising the money - our Hymnathon has raised over £50,000, and we've also been putting money aside over the past two years. But we need much more, and are now launching a longer-term campaign, encouraging people to pay for a pipe, either through a one-off payment or by monthly contributions. You can see the sums involved in the table below.

Please consider sponsoring a pipe, or two, or twenty! You can dedicate the pipe
to yourself, or as a gift to a child, or in memory of a loved one. All dedications will receive a certificate, and be acknowledged on the organ case. For donations over £1,000 you will be invited to an inaugural Recital and reception. (If you would like to
sponsor a particular pipe please contact the organist, Jonathan Dodds, via the Parish
Office, details below.)

You will see a donation form on the Pipe Up! brochure which you can find in the church - or download and print off here (you should click 'Multiple pages per sheet' option).
Please return forms, together with your remittance, to:
Pipe Up!, St Michael & All Angels Parish Office, Priory Avenue, London W4 1TX.

Length Price   Monthly donation  Monthly donation
over one year over three years
8ft to 16ft ( 60 pipes) £2,500 £209.00 £70.00
4ft to 8ft (144 pipes) £1,000 £84.00 £28.00
2ft to 4ft (209 pipes) £500 £42.00 £14.00
1ft to 2ft (251 pipes) £100 n/a  n/a
1ft and smaller (1001 pipes!) £50 n/a  n/a